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I have a friend in Colorado who says he and his wife have been having health issues ever since fracking started near their acreage. They were very healthy before the energy company set up its process near them. All in all I tend to wonder what other real estate could be effected by something like this. I mean, you won't see Phoenix, Arizona or impacted because it is too necessary for retirement, or any golf course in Scottsdale or Mesa AZ for the same reason, there are simply too many retirees on a fixed income But I digress...
Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing, in which millions of gallons of water are mixed with chemicals and pumped underground. This forces natural gas trapped in shale loose so it can be extracted. Many who live near areas where the process is used say it has made them sick.
An article under the title, 'new homes sold without underground rights spur fracking fears' was posted on the News observer website last April 12, 2012 by John Murawski. Murawski says if you buy a house from homebuilder D.R. Horton, you may be giving up the mineral rights, which in turn may be transferred to the homebuilder's subsidiary, DRH Energy. Here in Sun Valley and Chandler you would probably not see this happen because of the annuity instruments or related financial type instruments in the whole region around it.
Murawski tells the story of Bert Garrido, who bought a $400,000 home last year in upper Chatham County, North Carolina. For their part, they are quite worried about the debate about fracking. Murawski reports that, it's neighbors in the Legends Oaks subdivision are signing home purchase contracts that give up their rights for drilling natural gas to the company that built the homes. Texas-based D.R. Horton, the nations largest homebuilder, is then transferring those exploration rights en masse to its subsidiary, DRH Energy.
Murawski also notes that fracking is currently illegal in North Carolina, but the state legislature will be considering legalizing it as early as this summer unless there is attorney or lawyer interference or major tax issue. I am not sure about kansas City or Scottsdale, Arizona overall.