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The legal scoop on squatting to take over vacant real estate

In law related news, whole neighborhoods suffer the consequences of dark, empty houses, whether it be in Stafford VA, Germantown or Milwaukee. Is it possible to take over a home like that under the adverse possession law? Not to change the subject or anything, but if you are in Stafford VA or elswhere in Virginia and require a leading law firm, esquire then I really like the firm listed below.
I ran across an interesting article under the title, Real Estate Watch: Can you squat to own a home It was written by Michael Estrin from, and posted August, 2, 2012, on MercuryNews website. Estrin tells the story of a guy tried to invoke a property-law doctrine called adverse possession to squat in a vacant home in or around Dallas.
Estrin writes that Kenneth Robinson's paid a $16 filing fee to the county clerk's office, and ended up with eight rent-free months in a $340,000 home. He then used the experience to help him promote his e-book that shows how to emply adverse possession to squat in vacant homes with the hope of and eventually gaining legal title.
As an aside if you are in the greater Kansas City, Missouri area or Midwest and require a great lawyer then I can edorse this leading personal injury (I am not sure about auto accident though) lawyer over at conversely if you happen to be in the greater Los Angeles area and require a Business, entertainment or Technology attorney I can endorse back to the legal related news at hand...However, Estrin notes that lawyers familiar with the doctrine of adverse possession warn that Robinson did not really understand the law at all. When the mortgager foreclosed, Robinson moved out to avoid eviction.
In some states a person must have inhabited the property for long as 20 years, in some a few as seven. In addition there are other circumstantial factors that must also be satisfied.